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Ajira Mpya Wizara ya Afya, Ministry of Health, 1650 Job Openings

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Ajira Mpya Wizara ya Afya:- nafasi za kazi wizara ya afya 2022-23, government job opportunities, Ministry of health careers 2022-23, nafasi mpya za kazi wizara ya afya Tanzania.

Nafasi za Kazi Wizara ya Afya 2022-2023

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A Notice of Attribution of Ministerial Responsibilities (the Instrument) was released by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania via Government Notice No. 144 dated April 22, 2016. The President designated the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly, and Children to prepare them in this document.(Ajira Mpya Wizara ya Afya)

(A) The implementation of policies relating to health, community development, children who are elderly, and gender.

(B) Services for prevention and treatment.

(C)Services for Chemical Management.

(D)Services for medical laboratories.
(E) Nutritional research in medicine.
(F) Services For Food And Drug Quality.
(G) medical equipment
(H) Supporting complementary and alternative medicine.
(I) Inspection of health services
J) Family planning
(K) International organizations for medicine and health.
(L) Coordinating NGO Activities Concerning This Sector’s Functions.
(M) Under This Sector, International Organization Coordination.
(N) The development of human resource services and their implementation within this ministry, as well as performance improvement.
(O) Parastatal Organizations, Extra-Ministerial Departments, and Projects Under This Ministry.

As for MoHCDGEC, it publishes job openings for graduates to apply through other media including magazines and the website ajira media.com depending on the cadres as per employer requirements. The applicant will then apply via ajira media.com and fill out the necessary information for the modules of registration, personal information, educational information, employment information, experience information, and application.(Ajira Mpya Wizara ya Afya)

Ministry of health careers 2022

Ajira Mpya Wizara ya Afya, Ministry of Health, has 1650 open positions.

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