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Ajira Portal Recruitment System Registration Tanzania| Log In Ajira Portal 2022-2023

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Ajira Portal Recruitment System Registration Tanzania

Ajira Portal is the official system for applying for jobs with the government of Tanzania (PSRS). The Ajira portal system can be accessed on a variety of devices, including mobile phones, however for the greatest experience, it is recommended that you use your preferred web browser to access the system from a computer.


Being a regional center of excellence for public service hiring is our
To carry out public servant recruiting utilizing contemporary methods while adhering to the ideals of equity, transparency, and merits, and to offer guidance to employers on issues pertaining to employment.

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Functions Of Public Service Recruitment Secretariat| Ajira Portal Recruitment System Registration Tanzania

The primary function of PSRS is to facilitate public service recruiting. Section 29 (1) of Public Service Cap. 298 of 2002, as modified by Amendment Act No. 18 of 2007, lists the duties of PSRS as follows:-

  1. Find a variety of professionals with specialized expertise and create a database for them for simpler recruitment;
  2. Register recent graduates and professionals to make it easier to fill open positions;
  3. public service positions that are vacant should be advertised;
  4. Engage the right professionals to conduct the interviews.
  5. Provide guidance to employers on a variety of hiring-related issues, as well as carry out any additional instructions given by the minister in charge of the public service.

How Register Ajira Portal Recruitment System | Jinsi Ya Kujisajili Ajira Portal

The following tips are steps on how to register Ajira portal Recruitment system account as follows;

  • Visit this link to access the Ajira Portal registration form: user.
  • The following information must be entered after the page has opened.
  • Submit your email address.
  • then a password confirmation
  • Click register after entering the necessary information above.
  • After clicking the register button, you will receive an email notice to confirm your registration. Following is the email address.
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Ajira Portal Recruitment System

How do I create an account on Ajira portal?

This query is also being posed by others. How do I build a recruitment website? How do I write a job application email? How do I update my academic background on the Ajira portal? Yes, it is really easy to resolve these concerns. You will need to register for an account on AJIRA PORTAL in order to send your job applications to the numerous Tanzanian government departments.

If you are planning to create your account, you should have the following Document which are;

  1. Digital Passport Size
  2. Scanned and CERTIFIED copy of all your academic and professional certificates (PDF is more preferable)
  3. Scanned copy of your birth certificate.

If you possess these things, complete the following steps to register with the Ajira site.



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