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Job Applications Yapı Merkezi: New Various Jobs at Yapı Merkezi Job Applications Tanzania 2023

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Yapı Merkezi, founded in 1965, aims “to create and to realize construction projects that will serve humanity by creating happy environments”.

Yapı Merkezi realizes projects of universal dimensions and always reaches its targets with the determination to complete every project by delivering products and services on time, within budget and with the specified quality.

Yap Merkezi is passionate about pursuing beauty in the pursuit of these goals and has consistently viewed aesthetic judgment as a link between thought and reality. In all of its operations, Yap Merkezi consistently views professional, humanitarian, and technological measures as being part of a scale organization. Yap Merkezi is open, transparent, and inventive, basing decisions on the application of knowledge, and it is a trailblazer in all of its endeavors. Yap Merkezi respects the laws, ideologies, customs, and histories of all the communities in which it conducts business. Application mode here

Job Applications Yapı Merkezi

We have designed 42 million m2 of structures that make their users happy. More than 3,5 million passengers per day on three continents are safely transported by our 4.200 kilometers of railways and 445 stations in 63 projects. 10.000

Yap Merkezi has always placed a priority on the advancement of world civilization, Turkey’s development, and the happiness of her clients, collaborators on projects, staff members, and stockholders. Yap Merkezi looks to nature for inspiration, and in order to effectively implement the answers that Nature demonstrates, Yap Merkezi consistently invests in knowledge and technology, people resources, and innovative management methods.

Vision And Mision (Job Applications Yapı Merkezi)


Yap Merkezi completes projects with a global scope. Yap Merkezi places the growth of Turkey, the advancement of global civilization, and the happiness of her clients, project partners, team members, and shareholders as its top priorities in all of its endeavors.

Yap Merkezi is committed to finishing any job she starts; she makes decisions based on knowledge processing and innovation in all of her professional endeavors. Yap Merkezi is aware of and respectful of the cultures, laws, traditions, and way of life in all the nations where she conducts her business.

Yap Merkezi continually invests in human resources, knowledge, and innovative management methods, relying on this strategy to continually develop and be more successful.

VISION (Job Applications – Yapı Merkezi)

Yapı Merkezi is always reliable in every work she does, keeps her promises, does her work well and continously improves her prestige.

Yapı Merkezi is aware of the responsibility of regulating her activities in line with normative and institutional forms.

All the units of the Yapı Merkezi Group Companies are aware of the responsibility to work in accordance with the goal of gaining respect worldwide.

Yapı Merkezi companies realize their activities by bringing added values to and making a difference in their acquired works.

If you’re looking to apply for a job in Yap merkez, there are a few steps you can take to increase your chances of success. here are open Position that are listed of job that now are available in Yap merekez so click the link below to apply

Open Positions

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