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About Us -Ajirascholars

ajirascholars.com. is a well-known, multipurpose platform that provides news about jobs, scholarships, education updates, etc. Our goal is to serve all types of employment updates, results updates, and education news in Africa and around the world. Almost 5M+ people have chosen us. The administrators make every effort to keep you informed as soon as possible. You can sign up for our ZERO COST Job Alerts.

I started ajirascholars with the idea of helping Graduates in different Careers and Studies probably like yourself, by offering them News On latest Job Advertisements, University News, Scholarships and Internships , careers and opportunities, both locally and international.

If you are here  then probably you in a lookout for latest Job Advertisement, University News Scholarships and internships , careers and opportunities 

And also The information provided on this website has been compiled from a number of sources. We make an effort to guarantee that all the information on the website is correct and current. We disclaim all liability for information misinterpretation or mismatch. Please validate the current information with the appropriate authority or on the official website. Mabumbe.com is not an official university website.


What is ajirascholars.com?

  • Ajirascholars.com is a free employment alert website where you can find the most recent exam dates, job notifications, and other education-related items.

why is ajirascholars.com is best than others?

  • Ajirascholars.cm brings notifications of all jobs before other portals. Periodic updates make it better than others.

Does ajirascholars.com provide daily updates?

  • yes ajirascholars.com provides daily updates

Where is the most best place to find a job?

  • There are several ways to look for work, and one is not always preferable to the others. You can search for employment on large job boards like Indeed ajirascholars and AjiraLeo, as well as on more specialized, specialty job platforms for your industry. You can visit the business’s website or social media pages directly. Additionally, employee recommendations account for 44% of new hires. To find the greatest employment prospects, it’s critical to employ all of these techniques.

Should I still apply for a job if I lack the required experience?

  • Absolutely! It never hurts to apply for the position if you believe you are capable of handling the demands of the role. Having fewer years of experience than what they require or lacking one of the required hard talents doesn’t automatically preclude you from getting the job. Years of experience won’t matter in the end if you’re the greatest applicant because skills may be learnt on the job. Just don’t claim to be qualified when you aren’t by lying.

 If you need anything don’t hesitate to contact me!

I look forward to be with you!



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